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Part XI - More education please

I was in a strange place. I was working for a non profit, but employed by a for profit company. We were doing great things, like teaching doctors in Vladivostok Russia all about trans-catheter heart medicine, I built two remote high definition television studios in two operating rooms, and I was part of something bigger than myself. I started applying for jobs in the non profit sector. I kept hearing the same thing. I did not have any non profit experience. Part of being Autistic is not being able to figure out the social norms, and this is very much the case in the interview process. I hate bragging about myself. All of my previous bosses would tell you that I am an extremely dedicated, hardworking and passionate employee who will sacrifice his mind and body for the company, but I have a hard time avoiding the word we, as I think in the collective instead of the individual. So I did what any Autistic adult would do, I applied for the Evans School at UW for their Executive MPA program. I was part of a cohort of the brightest, most successful and most passionate group of people I have had the pleasure of meeting. To this day I don't know how the cohort viewed me, perhaps I never will. I know I am awkward, but I also know I am funny. So how do I fit in here?