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Part X - Sabey

Things were going great at AWB, the radio show was starting to take off, but then the unimaginable happened. Lex, my mentor and one of the best supervisors I have ever worked for, decided to leave.

The new manager came in and did not see the department in the same way, and was very much a micro manager. So I decided to look for other opportunities.

I started working for Sabey Corporation as a temp, but within 24 hours they recruited me full time.

My first job at Sabey was as a Project Manager. A few months after working in the Communications Department, Dave Sabey approached me and asked me what I knew about HD technology and other technology infrastructure.

I was honest and told him I knew nothing. So he informed me that I had about 30 days to learn. I was assigned to work at Seattle Science Foundation (SSF) as the Director of Technology Infrastructure, and not only had to learn about technology, I had to learn medical terminology.

SSF was a non profit with a mission to advance quality of patient care through education, research, innovation and technology.

I took the challenge head on.

It was shortly after I started when I realized that I also had to learn medical terminology, and how to interact with physicians and hospital administrators.

How did I do?