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Part VIII an unexpected motivator

With two quarters left at Highline College, I realized that I still had a couple of general electives to complete for my degree.

Which classes to take?

I was working at AWB, so why not Political Science?

Enter TM Sell. About three weeks into the quarter he asked about my future plans and I told him about my concerns over having a Paralegal degree and being relegated to a job that did not fit.

He asked me about a possible transfer. I told him that I didn't think it would work, and he pushed back.

TM was the first person in my life who ever told me I was smart enough and worked hard enough to attend a four year school.

He was right. At the end of the quarter my overall grade for his class was a 3.9. TM lit a spark in me and I started looking into options for a transfer.

The way the community and technical college system was at the time made it a relatively easy choice.

The Evergreen State College was a direct transfer from Highline.

They took all of my credits and I was not forced to take any additional coursework to be a junior.

I was working in Olympia, the VA actually covered the entire cost of tuition, and I could take all of my classes at night and keep my full time job. Besides, how bad could it really be?