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Part IX, Evergreen State College

I must admit, I had no idea what to expect on my first day.

I had an eagerness to learn and an open mind. The reality set in quickly however when I attended my first class and learned that The Evergreen State College did not believe in grades.

They use an evaluation system where you write a report about each class, the faculty writes their report, and then you meet to review and both parts become your official transcript.

I can also say that Evergreen is not as evil as some in the media portray. Yes I could have taken easy classes for two years and received the same degree, but that is not me.

I took classes focused on writing, statistics and literature. I had my fair share of interesting classes, sure. In one class the faculty berated me for my carbon footprint while personally driving a Suburban, and living in a 4,000 square foot house by herself.

At the same time my wife was taking the bus or train to and from Seattle, we had a modest home with four people and I drove a compact car.

What I learned most was how to work with difficult people in groups. How to motivate those who did not want to contribute and how to ensure the end product was not emotionally charged.

It is a lesson I use every day. I graduated, and things were looking up, but...