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Part VII -

I think it is important to note that while I was not the best student in high school, I was an outstanding college student.

My grades were never below a 3.8, and I was on the president's list every quarter at Highline.

Back to the internship. I was in the unfortunate place of not wanting to be a paralegal, but changing majors with the VA was more than problematic.

My wife's boss knew of an organization in Olympia that could work, and it turns out it did.

I interviewed at the Association of Washington Business for a position in the Communications Department.

But... I have a Paralegal degree on the horizon.

Enter Lex Nepomuceno.

Apparently he saw something in me. To this day I do not know why he gave me a chance, and I will be forever grateful. He taught me to improve my writing.

I was able to travel the state and talk to business owners and profile different communities like Winlock and the Tri Cities.

One day Lex asked me what I knew about radio, and my answer was nothing. He challenged me to put together a radio show, so I contacted the local station, figured it out and produced a weekly radio show in Tacoma.

By the time I left AWB, it was syndicated into two markets.

Once my internship was complete AWB hired me and graduation was fast approaching.