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Part VI - Community College

Now I wish I could tell you I really thought about going to college, however that was not the case.

It was August, it was hot, we didn't have air conditioning, and I was bored.

I had since moved from my father's place to my older brother's house. Let's face it, living with your parents is hard.

Even though I lived in Bonney Lake, I visited Highline College. I reviewed the programs and chose Paralegal Studies because it did not require any math.

That was something that followed me from public schools, for which later I discovered I am actually really good at math and statistics.

My first day was kind of a blur. I had a lot of anxiety and it was difficult for me to sleep the night before.

I went to my first class and sat next to this amazing woman who helped me through that first quarter. She taught me to study, she taught me to write, and eventually I married her. Note: My wife is a very private person, so for the sake of my marriage and in an attempt to not upset her, this is most likely the last time she is mentioned.

However, she is cool, she is the best person I know, and I love her very much!

After a year in school it was time for an internship. But where? Finding a job was an experience I missed in the military.

I needed help.