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Part II - Joining the Army

This was my daily commuter car!

This is one of those memories that is just as clear today as it was then. I was 20 years old, my girlfriend broke up with me for not being more aware of her emotional needs (boy how my life would have been more interesting if I knew what that meant at the time, but that is another story for another day).

I moved back home, lost my job with IBEW because the project finished, and was number 153 on the list at the hall. I needed a job, and I have always struggled with interviews. So I became a security guard.

My job was the late night shift at local biomedical research company. I was doing my rounds around 2 in the morning and while walking the basement I see the sign that changed my life forever - "If you see a rat, call the CDC, then the fire department". It was at that moment I realized I needed to get out of Seattle.

So the very next day I decided to join the military. But what to choose? The reality is I was waffling between the Army and the Marines. As I drove up to the recruiting center I noticed the Marine recruiting office was closed, so Army it was.